News from Us in Oz

Friday, February 23, 2007

Wow.. I'm sorry .. it's been a month since I've updated.

I really do have our Great Ocean Road to post about - I even picked out which of the myriad of pictures I want to post. It is all those words to write that is slowing me down.

I was walking around town today thinking about life here and how things are different.

D. has told people that I'm happy - I do a lot of laundry and keep fit. Very true.

I do a lot of laundry. The washer and dryer are not the same size as back at home and I feel like am at the beck and call of the keeping up with the dirty clothing. I am making use of all the sun and using the lines (neat the fold up against the house when not in use) outside. Jeans dried outside become very stiff and not comfortable so I compromise and don't dry them all the way and toss them in the dryer.

See.. it really is all about laundry. :)

No... Life is slower paced here just from the fact the boys aren't involved in extracurricular activities yet, no RS to rush to mid-week and weekends. Dh. and I are not up to our ears in committee work. I don't miss the running here and there.

I do miss our friends. I was talking to S. at home and told her it would be perfect if we could transplant our friends here, too. We have or I should say dh started and I'm continuing made some friends here. We've gone to concerts in the park, dinner out and had people over for dinner here.

So.. what else is different.

I still hate my oven. We don't have directions for it so I feel like it is an experiment every time I bake something. We have pizza blanks down but everything else is.. watch it carefully or it will burn. :)

I buy a lot of fresh food - produce - bakery items. Our Shabbat challah is fresh from Glicks. Two weeks ago I had to sit a few minutes because they weren't out of the ovens yet. I came home with 2 hot challot. YUMMY.

What we found we miss are silly things - the boys do not like the potato chips here. Not that we are junk food junkies but we've tried several types for noshing when we travel and they did not like any of them. BAGELS... oh I was looking at the Glicks bagels today. They look like Manhattan style bagels but don't let looks deceive you. They are more like rolls than bagels. We've decided not to buy.

I love walking on Glenferrie Road doing my shopping. I stop at the bakeries to decide which may have rolls that tickle my fancy. We have a favorite Asian restaurant and they recognize already.

I enjoy biking along the bike paths and love that there are bike lanes although be careful when following S. He might forget how busy some roads are - NOTE do not ride down Punt Road towards the river. Too steep and too busy. I love that we can ride into Melbourne have a bite to eat and ride back.

The boys enjoy the freedom that they can stop on Glenferrie on the way home and have Starbucks or gelato. They don't enjoy when there are tram problems and they have to wait for the tram or the tram leaves without them.

I've learned that one scoots fast to get in front of a tram. While I love the convenience of riding the tram into Melbourne, I hate the inconvenience of getting behind one when driving.

I've learned that I can handle driving on Dandenong although I still am glad I only drive on it for one light to the turn to N's school.

I've learned that making U-turns in the middle of the street is doable although I do them only quieter streets. I haven't attempted one on a major road. Yes, they are legal.

I've learned that I can manage parking lots and parking garages. I really do wish they would make the spaces a hair-bit larger. We thank goodness have a small car. I'd never make it with a car the size of our minivan.

I have managed not to have to parallel park. I really am not looking forward to having to do this. I was very good back at home but don't know if I can transpose and do it here. I may be tested next Monday when I have to take the boys to TBI for their Back to School Service. I'm hoping that S. can join us and he'll drive.

Are you wondering why I don't use actual names? I do it for privacy reasons. I hope I haven't totally confused with any of the initials I've used. Dh - dear husband and the rest are from first names.

Oh.. oh.. there was a package waiting from me when I got home from my Friday errands. It was one of the four boxes I shipped over. They had said it would take 5-6 weeks sending it 'slow boat to China'. Sending them airmail would have been an arm and a leg. I wasn't ready to give up either yet.

After 6 weeks one forgets what is in the box. It was great fun opening it up. I'm happy - lotion, knitting projects, order for dh and my shampoo. Have to wait until Monday to see if the others arrive.

Yes.. I'll try to post about the Great Ocean Road this coming week. This weekend we might drive around the bay on Mornington Peninsula. I saw there is a fantastic looking sand sculpture exhibit in one of the towns. Pictures to be posted when we go.