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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Great Ocean Road Weekend - Australia Day Weekend Jan. 27 and 28
(Long overdue.. look what I found in my drafts.)

What fun!!!

We got an early start. Yes, we kept our tradition up of leaving as the birds are rising. Well not quite. We left at 6a.m. The boys promptly fell asleep and slept past Geelong.

We passed many bicyclists (man, are they in good shape to be biking this) but only a handful of cars. Boys started stirring outside of Apollo Bay. N. thinks he saw a koala up in a tree... we went around two cars and people looking up. Did not stop to see what they were looking at.

At Apollo Bay we roamed around the crafts fair that was set up on the village green. I purchased more music by the local flutist, Howlin' Wind. We purchased one CD when S and I were here in November. This time I purchased a live concert and Taj Mahal.

Howling Wind

While we were shopping - it rained. Caused everyone to run for cover and to cover their wares. I stayed dry in a stall where they sold purses. Yes, I came away from there with a purse.

N. got Ed. A balloon filled with clay with eyes. One can have Ed become a slug... look sad... look happy.. have no nose ... a large nose. Ed was great distraction for traveling.

After breakfast at a local cafe we walked along the beach in Apollo Bay. N. had fun chasing grass across the beach. They rolled across the beach like tumbleweed. I looked for some shells with not a lot of success.

Apollo Bay

N. chasing grass

I stopped in for tourist information and got a wonderful map that showed different sites that we could stop at along the way or slightly off the way to our hotel. Ever planning and the whole day I discovered that the Great Ocean Road goes through the Otways which is made has wonderful waterfalls and rainforest vegetation. We saw some very old Beech trees - had to giggle about the commentary on the trail talking about mother time.

It was refreshing damp and very green which was in stark contrast to Melbourne with our grasses brown and burning in the sun. We only stopped at two of the many falls because of time constraints and boys eyes glazing over as we walked down the trails.

Anne's Cascade (how could we not get a picture)

Walking down to Hopetoun Falls

Hopetoun Falls

After enjoying the Otways we went back on the Great Ocean Road down towards the Twelve Apostles. Our first stop where we saw these gorgeous pillars in the clear blue ocean was breathe-taking.

Going towards Port Campbell

The visitor's center for the 12 Apostles is a busy place with lots of tour buses and the sound of helicopters taking people down for a close look at the Apostles. It was so windy on the walk down - forget the adage wear a hat when you are out in the sun.

12 Apostles

Now the fun part of the weekend. Wasn't this fun you may ask with the gorgeous scenery driving narrow roads along the side of the ocean? We ramble into Port Campbell. I had written down the hotel information before we left and we made our way to the hotel.

We get to the desk and say we are here to check in .. "what's our name" Give it and spell my hyphenated last name. Note they say "haitch" not "aitch" with "h" so there is confusion when I say "aitch". Hmm.. this isn't looking good. The conversation goes to when did you make this reservation? Do you remember who took your reservation? We have reservations last year from C. No we didn't live her last year. EEP Nothing. Now you have to understand this is a long weekend so hotel rooms are nonexistent which is why I made the reservations when we first arrived in Australia. I have pictures poor S. driving to the next town looking for a hotel.

They were wonderful and found a room in Port Campbell for us and paid for it. Although not without a false start when a room was found at the Best Western and she goes for "two adults" and our response "the 2 children?" Back to the phone for more calls. To complete our lovely evening, N.'s dinner consisted of ice cream. Don't ask.

The next day we found a small cafe for breakfast. We returned back towards the 12 Apostles and stopped at Loch Ard Gorge. The wind had died down from the day before but it was overcast and we were given the glimpse of rainbows away from the ocean. A. comment was a silly name for a gorge. :) What a story about the naming of the gorge.

Loch Ard Gorge

Loch Ard Gorge with Beach

Inside the Gorge.. we got down here by stairs. :)

Another area by the Gorge - Lucky this was not were they washed up

Ocean side of the area.
(See the white foam? That was flying in the air as the water flowed back and forth)

Looking out towards the ocean.

See the double rainbow?

Rainbow over the coast.

After roaming around Loch Ard Gorge we continued down the Great Ocean Road towards Bay of Islands. Along the way we got out to see:

Gorgeous rock stacks

The Grotto

The Arch

London Arch was London Bridge
(neat link it gives a panaromic view)

Final stop - Bay of Islands

A beach by the Bay of Martyrs

It was a great weekend after the boys first week of school. What is amazing the changes in the scenes when there is less wind. When we went back down the Great Ocean Road with N. in March it was very still. Unfortunately for N. there were some flies and the water was calm.

On our trip with N. we stopped at several lighthouses along the way. I wrote how we met a suicidal kangaroo on the way to the Cape Otway lighthouse.

Aireys Inlet Lighthouse

Cape Otway Lighthouse

The same gorge by Loch Ard Gorge in March

Views along the Great Ocean Road in March



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