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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hi all,

I realize I haven't blogged in ages. News from Us...

Big new that many of you may or may not know - we will be back in Australia after the little ones B/M. We had hoped to know one way or another before September but never rush a corporation.

We'll be back in the States for a tad over 3 weeks. I've ordered books to have delivered to our house in the States to bring back to Australia. Yes - there is definitely a difference in the price of books and not that the exchange rates is nearing 1 - 1 it hurts more. For example one book I am ordering I can get for almost $10 US while it will cost me over $40 AU.

So the question you ask what have we been up to since I last posted. We went to a phenominal Pixar Exhibit. I highly recommend going to see it if it travels to a museum near you. Love the giant Pixar "ball and light."

We have done visited several places 'again.' We went back to Wilson's Prom and almost hit a 'suicidal' emu. Tongue in cheek, folks. My mom thought the emu was really looking to get hit. The weather was gorgeous when we left Melbourne and around 20 minutes from Wilson's Prom it started to rain. UGH. Oh .. no and other words were said. We literally drove through the clouds and came out the other side to clear weather.

This time we could see when we got to the top of Mount Oberon. We then went to Squeaky Beach and had lunch and enjoyed a walk along the beach. The kidlets went off and climbed some rocks. Since I wasn't watching closely I couldn't yell at them for being dangerous.

Phillip Island - Cape Woolamai

We also went to see the little penguins again. I forgot how small they are. They barely come up to mid calf on me. Small anyone who knows that I'm short. :) We upgraded to the better seats and were the first family to the area. We staked out the corner seats. We saw more penguins in the first two groups than we saw the whole evening when we were there earlier with N. The weather was much more pleasant except for the flies. Luckily they didn't stay around once the sun went down.

It was mating season so a lot of penguins are pairing off. In fact we saw several pairs returning from their time out at sea. How do I know? I asked the naturalist if the penguins we saw helping preen each other were mated. She said that penguins would only allow their mates to help preen.

We also saw a lot of baby birds (silver gulls) when we went to the Nobbies. My goodness the noise and the number of birds. We went to see if we could see the seals. No seals.. lots of seabirds.

So sad when to our favorite park (Churchill) to see roos and no roos. I guess the weather is too hot for them to be lazying around in the open. Although we did see and "interesting" site. We were walking up the hill and I see this man on a bike and he gets off ... wearing not a thing. Walks down the trail a ways a picks up a pair of shorts and we just walk on by without commenting. Dh says it was too bad we didn't get there a tad earlier we could have stolen his shorts. I want to know why naked bike riding even for a few feet.

That took over the strange sights I saw on our bike ride on the Gardiner Path.
1. Notice a hubcap on the side of the bike trail. This is weird because the bike trail is not near a road so I'm not sure how it got there.
2. Kangaroos Next 15 km sign. Unusual since we are in the suburbs riding towards Melbourne.
3. Winner is Be Careful Changing Traffic Patterns sign. Yes, folks we are on a dedicated bike path and they moved it over for road work on the highway.

The weirdest sign of all - Be Careful Most Fires Start in the Kitchen sign that I noticed as we drove to Churchill.

I am putting together pictures to post about our travels. I hope these few give you a taste of things to come. If you get to see us while we are in the States, there will be a slide show on dh's laptop of some of our travels.

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  • Gorgeous pics Ann, and thank you for sharing a bit of your knowledge of the locale. Please keep reminding when you blog again - I love seeing what you post :)

    By Blogger Stacy~, At 9:35 AM  

  • Your pictures and descriptions are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    By Blogger Liane Gentry Skye, At 11:06 AM  

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